Other Practice Areas

Corporate and Commercial Laws

Setting up of business houses requires a wide spectrum of legal compliances right from its incorporation which involves Incorporation of Companies / LLPs, Registration of Partnerships, Investments, Contracts, Regulatory compliances, Intellectual Property protection, Taxation, Employment and other allied legal compliances requiring  expert legal advisors in these areas. It also calls for expert legal professionals in litigation to represent corporates and other legal entities to resolve complex commercial and corporate law disputes arising out of complex situations and transactions.  

We have deep expertise in these niche areas handling various corporate clients and other legal entities. We have provided wide range of legal services to Companies, Partnerships, LLPs, Trusts & other joint ventures for several years. Our firm also provides dedicated service in corporate and commercial law litigations and matters under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code before the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) and the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT). 

Constitutional and Administrative Laws

The Constitution of India guarantees to all its citizens fundamental rights and imposes certain fundamental duties upon the Government and issues certain Directive Principles of State Policy protecting individuals from arbitrary, unreasonable, whimsical and unlawful actions caused by administrative authorities and provides a solemn duty upon the Courts to guard the Constitution as sentinel qui vive. This mandates the filing of writ petitions, challenging administrative orders both before the High Courts and Supreme Court of India under the Constitution of India calling for judicial review of administrative actions.  

We have represented several individuals and have filed several writ petitions before the Supreme Court of India and High Courts seeking writ remedies against wrongful administrative decisions and actions. We are conscious about public interest issues and we also assist our clients in filing Public Interest Litigations (PILs) before the Supreme Court of India and High Courts. 

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property law deals with laws to protect and enforce the rights of creators and owners of creations, inventions in the field of technology, music, art, design, marks, and other novel works. There are several areas of intellectual property such as copyrights, trademark, patent, design, trade secrets etc. The protection of the intellectual property has now gained significant prominence due to increase in commercialization of intellectual property.  

We handle several intellectual property related disputes such as trade mark infringement, passing off, copyright infringement etc. We advise our clients on various aspects relating to intellectual property law and draft IP related contracts, NDA’s etc.  

Land and Property Laws

This is an area of law which deals with the exclusive rights of ownership, user and alienation of individual/s or juristic entity/ies in or over immovable property/real estate or real property. Commercialization of land and property has resulted in multifarious modes of transfer of property causing complexities in transactions. This requires the intervention of expert legal advisors to assist one to enable a smooth transfer of property obtained by self-acquisition or through succession or inheritance. Real estate development and planning requires a systematic legal approach and due diligence for an effective implementation of the project be it commercial or residential. Apart from the same one would also require able litigation lawyers to be able to handle disputes pertaining to transfer of property, succession or inheritance, land reforms or to handle disputes relating to contractual breaches and termination pertaining to real property.

We at Mandalagiri & Co (M & Co) provide end-to-end legal services to facilitate smooth completion of real estate transactions right from title due diligence to property registrations, registration of mortgage, formation of trusts, preparation of various contracts pertaining to lease, rent, joint development, joint venture, license, leave & license, exchange, investment, MOU’s etc. We also help our clients execute and register gift of their immovable property to their near and dear ones. Apart from the above, we handle a wide spectrum of disputes relating to transfer of property, inheritance & succession, family partitions, easements & licenses, encroachments, land acquisitions / eminent domain etc., and have resolved several such complex litigations pertaining to real property.

Personal & Family Laws

Personal & Family laws are laws that regulate relationship between two individuals and their families through marriage, blood and consanguinity. It governs the aspects of marriage, family property, divorce, maintenance, guardianship etc., In India personal laws are laws derived from religious texts and customary practices, and there are personal laws that govern the above aspects for Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Parsi etc., Disputes concerning family property acquired through inheritance, family partitions, divorce and issues concerning maintenance and child custody requires a clinical approach to resolve such disputes in the best possible manner achieving quid pro quo. The present day need for people to travel and settle abroad after marriage to eek their livelihood has also caused multi-jurisdictional issues when a dispute relating to their marriage arises, wherein sound legal advice, appropriate strategy and action is necessary to resolve such complex disputes concerning divorce, property, maintenance and child custody.

We advise our clients on various legal queries relating to property and inheritance under the personal Laws and other allied aspects. We have also handled several disputes relating to family such as divorce, judicial separation, child custody, maintenance, family property etc. We have also resolved complex family disputes having multi-jurisdictional issues. We adopt a clinical approach towards handling family disputes and we also take up mediatory processes for effective resolution of dispute.  

Wills and Estates

Will and Estate planning is essential when one wants to secure their assets after their death or want their hard-earned assets be it immovable or movable acquired during their lifetime to be given to certain people of their choice or to any juristic entity. The process of preparing a Will due to several legal technicalities involved in its making and the circumstances prevailing may make the same very complex. Hence, legal advisors specialized in this area of law require to be consulted so as to avoid complexities and litigation among beneficiaries under the Will post the death of the testator.

We advise several clients on the formation of Wills, codicils, trusts etc. and also assist in preparing the same. We also file petitions for our clients seeking probate, succession certificate and letters of administration from the Court.

Labor Law

These are laws that govern and regulate the relationship between employers and employees/workmen, trade unions and the Government. Many companies or industries more so the startup companies require a robust system in place with strict compliance with the labour laws for a smooth functioning of the establishment avoiding disputes and penalties.

We advise and handle cases related to minimum wages, gratuity, reinstatement, retrenchment and maternity benefit for individuals, companies or other juristic entities. We also help our clients in preparation of employment contracts, NDA’s and other related contracts in compliance with labour law requirements.   

Consumer Protection and Competition Laws

Consumer Protection law safeguards the consumers from errant and unscrupulous service providers from their deficiency in service and controls the standard of products and services. The law was enacted to provide a quick remedy for consumer grievances. The law relating to consumer protection was the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 which has now been repealed by the introduction the Consumer Protection Act, 2019.

We advise our clients in cases related to consumer protection and have filed several cases for consumers as well as defended claims for several companies, institutions and individuals before the District Consumer Forum & State Commissions. We have been successful in our endeavors and efforts in achieving desirable results in high value claims and disputes. We continue to strive hard to analyze each case, craft consumer complaints & appeals with our holistic approach under the scheme of Consumer Protection Act of 2019 for our clients.