Dispute Resolution


Arbitration is one of the most preferred alternative dispute resolution mechanisms that is available for individuals and juristic entities to resolve their disputes expeditiously in a cost-effective manner. This esoteric field requires the expertise of qualified lawyers in the process right from the initiation of arbitral proceedings till its culmination with the passing of the award as it involves many processes such as selection and constitution of arbitral tribunal, selection of arbitral procedure, trial processes and strategies which require a well prepared and thought over road map of legal strategy, effective planning and implementation to achieve desirable outcomes.

We are known for representing clients both individuals and corporate entities in institutional and ad-hoc arbitral proceedings resolving the most complex of legal disputes in the most efficient, effective and expeditious manner. While we strive to provide the same, we are focused to provide our clients with high quality legal services in a timely manner with a result-oriented approach in resolving disputes. Our experience in arbitration allows us to draft contracts with arbitration clauses suiting the scheme of transaction under the legal framework of the Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act.   


Mediation is another alternate dispute resolution mechanism where disputes are resolved by the parties themselves through an assistance of qualified and trained mediators enabling the parties to open their mind to possible outcomes to resolve conflict achieving quid pro quo. This is one of the most fair and efficient methods of dispute resolution where the parties resolve their disputes in a most cost-effective and expeditious manner.

We are known for mediating several disputes be it commercial or personal / family disputes through our mediatory processes wherein we effectively understand and identify disputed areas and assist our clients with possible outcomes aiding them to resolve their dispute. We also have an expert team of private mediators who have vast experience and knowledge in the field of mediation of all commercial and family disputes. We also provide our assistance in court referred mediations and its processes for an effective resolution of disputes. 


Litigation is a process of handling disputes through a court system. It is a contested action where one asserts a certain issue or makes a claim and the other refutes or disputes a claim / issue. The same is presented before a judge in the court of law or before any other judicial authority who tries and decides such disputes through an adversarial system of adjudicatory process. The litigation process involves various stages in adjudicating a dispute requiring a well strategized and synthesized presentation with swift and immediate action for an effective presentation and representation. Hence it requires specialized litigation lawyers to handle disputes of various types and nature before the courts of law who are well equipped with the skills required to present a case through well researched and structured processes to deal with different cases. 

Being third generation litigation lawyers, we have deep expertise in litigation handling various complex commercial cases and disputes of high value contractual claims, property related issues and other issues concerning partnerships, companies etc., before the Supreme Court of India, High Courts, District Courts and Tribunals. We care for our clients and strive hard to provide high quality legal services and representation in the most cost effective and timely manner. We have handled various litigations pertaining to commercial and business laws, family law, wills and estates, consumer protection, partnerships, etc. We have been successful in our endeavors and efforts in achieving desirable results in high value claims and disputes.

Tribunals and Quasi-Judicial Representation

We regularly handle an array of disputes and litigations before all tribunals such as District Consumer Forums, State Consumer Commissions, Karnataka Appellate Tribunal, NCLT, NCLAT, Permanent Lok Adalat etc., and other Quasi-Judicial bodies having distinct rules and regulations in its functioning and approach. We understand and adopt the legal processes, procedures and compliances required by such tribunals and quasi-judicial authorities and strive hard to effectively handle disputes under such authorities to achieve desired outcomes for our clients.